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6 May, 2021 - Dragon Queen, a Continuing Mystery, a Cockatoo, Yours Truly plus Bob

The April advertising blitz for Dragon Queen has come to an end. Here is Dragon Queen plus Grey Matter Monsters. I have great memories working on both of them. Grey Matter Monsters is a Canadian anthology I was able get a story in.

This head that can be seen atop a building in the centre of Wollongong mall continues to be a mystery. No one seems to know her origins. Is this the likeness of some nineteenth century woman or an artist’s dream woman? I still don’t know.

Here we have a cockatoo with a lemon from a local lemon tree. It seems that the sour nature of a lemon is not a bother to at least this particular bird.

Here I am in April at Sandon Point, south coast, New South Wales, Australia on a particularly bright, sunny day.

Here we have a fantasy novel put out by a friend you might like.

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