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8th of September 2020

On the south coast of New South Wales, Australia there is plenty of great examples of street art. From Corrimal right down to Port Kembla, street art delights. And I don’t mean those annoying squiggles. Those we can do without!

Near Wollongong train station there are these fanciful drawings of insect life. Not far away from them you have a man supposedly being accosted by koalas. It can also be said that fantastic pictures of women on walls abound. One of them has you thinking of Venice or some other part of Italy. Another is futuristically dynamic. There is also some impressive bird art on display.

Lions appear on buildings throughout New South Wales including Wollongong. Lions have for a long time been the symbol of empire.

On an electrical box in North Wollongong there was a wonderful drawing of a young woman on a sea voyage.

The strange fish faces that could once be found near Bulli train station are there no more. I have captured them with my photography and thus they remain in my collection of photographs as reminders of what can be done to brighten up an electrical box.

On a recent visit to Port Kembla, I came upon these weird fish statues rusting away. A moth decided to make one of them a temporary home.

Meanwhile Corrimal can boast of impressive images of sea and bird life. In terms of bird images, Unanderra can do the same.

There are examples of Aboriginal style art in various places in the Port Kembla area, all of it of a notable standard.

At Kogarah, South Sydney, the Community Centre is a building with a turret. It was once the local post office.

Lyn McConchie’s 2018 novel Coals & Ash continues to have relevance in our troubled times. Set in Australia in a not too distant future, it is about the struggle of a group of survivors to rebuild.

I have a short story, Reg 25, in the latest issue of Night to Dawn magazine. It is about a future in which what we know about the past is stripped away and what happened when no longer matters.

Spring is here at last. The days are getting warmer in New South Wales and there is nesting going on. Already I have come across a pair of galahs making the most of a tree hollow near Corrimal train station and a pair of Pee-Wees near Corrimal Beach settling into a mud nest they built. At Port Kembla pelicans are plentiful and I believe the ones at the lagoon are mating.

Right now I am thinking of purchasing more 1940s comic book art from the USA. It has been a while since I have done this.

Editing on Dragon Queen continues.

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