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28 March, 2021 - Dragon Queen, rain, Doctor Who

At last Dragon Queen is out on Amazon. It has taken some time to arrive at this state but readers I am sure will find it to their liking. If you like Science Fiction set in a future time then this is for you. There is a lot to it and it has gone through an extensive editing process. From the first pages I am certain you will be gripped by it. Elanora is a female mutant known as a dragon. She isn’t supposed to exist. She is safe on the island where she has been placed but will she stay there?

It has been a wet time for those into birding this March on the south coast of New South Wales. There have been few days in which to get out and see what’s around.

For me and many other fans of Doctor Who the first Doctor will always be the old gentleman with a bit of a temper played by William Hartnell. We will not take any substitutes for politically correct reasons. It is not right to replace him ore down grade him. He is the first and should always remain so. Right now socially the UK is going through turbulent times. Still plowing up and discarding the past will not give those people living in Britain today a better present or future.

The Doctor, created by Hartnell in his declining years as an actor, with the assistance of scriptwriters, directors and producers, is in a great many people’s childhoods, not only in the UK but also in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Hence pushing William Hartnell aside like some chess piece, or removing him altogether from the board, is neither right nor called for.

Hartnell had a certain attitude for what was right and just. Other Doctors, in their own way, followed his example.

Tom Baker could play the role quite well that Hartnell had set in place plus add a little of his own personality. The present female Doctor could do better with new scriptwriters. The money is there for top production television but not the willingness. Recently, the Daleks were reduced to a pathetic joke. In Hartnell and Baker’s time they were scary.

Here is a black-shouldered kite found at Towradgi in March of 2019. On the first Tuesday in April this year there will be a members’ night at the Illawarra Birders. Rather than one speaker for the night, there will be many speakers. The speakers will bring along their interest in local as well as overseas birding. This hasn’t happened in over a year because of the corona virus. It should be exciting! Each speaker allotted 10 minutes only. Over a year’s worth of birding to be crammed into those minutes! I have some pix and film footage to add to the night. It should go fine.

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